Movement of a Walk

Movement of a Walk

Analysis from my friends for this painting:

Mariam Kutukujian: This drawing reminded me of the following quote: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde…. It also reminded me of the book Fahrenheit 451 how we exist yet we are missing out the real meaning of living and the real joy of the simple life ..

Marah Sh Kawwà: And in the blue one if kept standing for a long time those light orange ones will back to him again to be almost that warm orange one in the beginning but its hard to regain alll that orange color…. And with each fast move then stop, we will lose more and more of who we were and becoming a new blue ”cold” one!

Lilac Taie: Rather than i color change its an emphasis on emptiness. only in the end comes the one different which could be pointing to the means of an end of an action (walking in this case). it feels as tho its a mental image of movement as the physical lines stay the same and there is only a change of position of a freezed self!


My Analysis:

I wanted to present how we move to quickly in life and yet we forget our real core and who we really are. That’s why the color was changing from orange (in the start) to blue (in the end). If we just stop, look around and look back again, we might regain our own selves. It reminded me of my trip to New York…very fast-paced life and people are not enjoying the little things not even enjoying the small side events that happens while they are moving too quickly.  Emphasizing emptiness is reflected very much in the community I live in. We will stay the same (dark lines) but our position will change…maybe to a beneficial spot where we can be more filled and less empty. Who knows? Probably it can inspire someone out there! 🙂


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