Central Park, New York


110 thoughts on “Central Park, New York

  1. i actually did a project for my black and white photography class in high school by taking pictures of various statues at central park. i feel like i should have done more, and this definitely inspires me to go out and take some more shots! i especially love the colored ones with the lake and angel of the waters.

  2. kudos…to NYC…glad to see you achieved this GLORY…when I did last year, I was in awww. GO NYC GO…kudos to you. Keep writing and being awesome. what type of photographer are you?

  3. I have never been to New York but I live close to Birkenhead Park on the Wirral (UK) which I understand to be a forerunner of Central Park

  4. Beautifully shots! Thought I haven’t been to New York, but I’m sure someday I’ll have the opportunity to go for a visit and take lots of picture. I like the city by the water and lots of green. πŸ™‚

  5. I really like your photos of Central Park as New York is a place I’d love to be able to visit. My favorite photo has to be your shot of the fountain in the lake, but the rest are just as good.

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