Carry a Big Heart

The ages we pass through our lives changes many things regarding to the way we act, talk, feel…etc. This picture can be understood in only one way from the viewer. It is the progression of our hearts through time. The baby can handle more love and feelings than any other age. The older you get the less you love , trust, and care about others….when you are a kid you love, open and hurt-less. The older you get the more people hurt you and you lose the meaning of love. Age after age, the ability to handle is less and less. I symbolized “not handling” by making the heart smaller.

But I insist to change that. Why not have a heart like a baby? who give without take, who handle hurt but forget it easily, who take love without any limit?

The lines of the bodies are not very neat for two reasons: First because I wanted to symbolize that we are not perfect and we do mistakes, we fall apart, we have negative feelings but overall we are still humans with hearts no matter how much it can take.  The second reason is because drawing lines on Photoshop is not easy!

Drawing those bodies was not fun at all…it is harder than it looks. I used a pencil to draw the bodies and went over them with a while brush. My paper is white, and the lines were gray (pencil), but I chose an Exclusion affect which reversed the colors.

So I leave the question for you now, are you able to carry a huge heart that is bigger than your body, like a baby?


3 thoughts on “Carry a Big Heart

    • First off. I love the illustration. I think it requires a lot of courage to carry a big heart. Its scary to do that these days. As adults we learn through painful experiences that it hurts when the outcome isn’t what we wanted.

  1. Thank you. I was trying to deliver a message that we should carry a big heart even though it is scary and cruel in nowadays situations. I agree with you Kathleen, when events don’t reach our expectations our heart grow fearful and smaller.

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