Some of My Best Photography Over the Years


Suspension Bridge in San Diego


Knitting Strings & Needle

Rain Drop


Colored Clouds

Colorful clouds in Toronto, Canada  Waterfront Bay

The Three Doors

Balboa Park, San Diego

Niagara Falls Top View

Wide view to Niagara Falls, Toronto

The Lake & Fisherman

Seven Lakes, San Diego


11 thoughts on “Some of My Best Photography Over the Years

      • Great. I’m not sure if you checked out the site but the tie that binds is that the photographers have all either dealt with mental health issues like depression or anxiety, or had people close to them suffer, or some just feel strongly for the cause of mental illness for one reason or another. If it resonates with you and you still want to contribute, you can email us at and include your name as you want it to appear, your web site, and a blurb about you (connection to mental health issues, and if you want age, location, etc), and a blurb about each photo. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      • I will do that as soon as possible. I would love to contribute. Can it be drawings as well? You can check my latest post “She Is”…it is related to depression as you requested. Either ways, I will email you my images and all the other information as soon as I am done with my final exams. Thank you for suggesting it for me.


  1. All cracking photos Diana, but I particularly like the last because it has seemingly significant objects, the pier, the tree and the figure, all of which give it a surreal quality. My next project will be to embrace HDR. Which software do you use to combine the images?
    Regards, John.

  2. Thank you Mr. John. I appreciate your comments very much. I used “Photomatix” yo combine the image then took them to “Topaz Adjust” & Photoshop. You can check this blog pot & it will show you the process I went through to produce an HDR image”. Here is the link to the post.

    • Thank you Diana, that was most helpful. I took some images today and used Photoshop to merge them and I wasn’t very impressed with the results but that’s probably my choice of subject. Generally was taking 5 images. Will try with a larger number. Thanks again, regards, John.

  3. Photomatix is free and dedicated for HDR; unlike Photoshop. My first HDR images weren’t pleasing- you just need to practice a lot and experiment with F-stops and subjects. If you have further questions, I would be more than happy to help.,

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