She Is


After spending 13 hours on Monday in college, I decided to draw rather than do something else. I sat there, thinking what to draw… I always get inspired when I see the blank paper. I started drawing the back of a girl….of course I don’t know how to draw a human leg, so I drew it in this funky way. Then I went downstairs looking for water colors in my dad’s painting studio but I didn’t find some. I decided to use acrylic- which I don’t have any experience with. Painting the dress was so fun, and making my desk messy with splashing those colors over the paper was interesting (never done it before). I was so surprised with the results, just as I pictured it. I applied two textures above the image and I used the blending option “Soft Light”. It gave it this “soft light” look (there is no other way to explain it). I was inspired by the quote…I looked at the quote and converted the words to a visual painting.

I think many people would relate to my painting. My interpretation to it is that many of us face difficulties, problems, pain, fights, hurt, and unbearable feelings that you think you just fall down and you are not going to stand up again.  This girl (I used a female symbolism) is absorbing all this pain just like a paper absorbing the red paint to the paper. The entire back of the girl is red, this pain has no other option but split down and shatter away. To sum up the theme to this picture- we are all human, and life is a cycle for us. Live it, enjoy it, aborb what it gives you and reflect it to the best. She is, He is, It is, They are, We are….are all uncompleted sentences that each one of us will answer individually based on the life he chose to rule and run.


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