Knitting Photos & Other Stuff

 I loved the curves and design of my candle that I recently bought. It is as cool as it looks in the picture! there are apple and Acai berry candles inside that smells amazing. I took this picture under a yellow lamp light and then converted it to B&W. The sharpness and details were achieved by using Topaz Adjust.

I recently added those frames to my room. Took a random picture and it turned out old and vintage. Notice how my books are reflected on my “READ” frame.

My friend and I were chatting on my bed while she was knitting. I randomly took pictures not thinking I would edit them or post them in my blog. They turned out really good after I applied scratched texture to it. The below images were taken to Topaz Adjust and Photoshop to add this effect plus applying textures to them. The textures added so much meaning, motion, and warmth to the pictures…don’t you think?

I was trying to add my blog name to the picture…maybe I would come up with a profession name/watermark to add on my images. Not sure about it yet.


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