Dreams and Reality Might Collide…

This might not be a Photography post but it is a form of Art. Today the passion for drawing cliked in me and I wanted to sketch something. Well, this is what I come up with…

All I had is a pencil, watercolor paper (I know! I didn’t use any watercolors), and a water ink pen. I started drawing the tree then outlined it with the ink pen. I relaixed that I can get silhouette images for small birds like this (better than drawing them myself). Then I took my picture to Photoshop CS5. The black part of the tree was done by adding a black mask and overlaying a black color using Blending Options. I added the birds and made them completely black using the same mask idea. I added a texture and a quote to make it more live…I noticed the saying fits with the images…adding a story wouldn’t hurt. I played with the saturation, brightness, and vibrancy of the whole image. I also tended to make the picture colder than it originally was.  The nice thing that I didn’t really work a lot on texture, it came out blended nicely like this.

UPDATE: I noticed I spelled “Collide” wrong (what an embarrassment). Also, my Digital Arts teacher gave me lots of comments to fix this poster. Consider this blog post a draft to this artwork. 


9 thoughts on “Dreams and Reality Might Collide…

    • Thank you so much! There are many mistakes in it, and it needs a lot of fixing…I noticed the misspelling and those errors after posting it into the blog. I will post the final work when its done 🙂

  1. I absolutely LOVE this drawing. I feel it represents a lot of who I am and I how I feel.
    I am a yoga student and part-time yoga instructor and would like permission to use it as a backdrop for a powerpoint presentation about myself for my communications class. (I am working on my M.Ed in Kinesiology)

    Thank you for your consideration and for sharing this with us.

    Patty Browning

      • I will credit your work by your blog address! Thank you!
        Your photos are beautiful too. Please continue your craft. You are a gifted artist.

        Have a beautiful day!

        Patty B

  2. Another question Diana, there is another version of this on the internet that is a black and white. Is it yours? The word collide is correct. I was just curious.

    Patty B

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